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  Green America Public Private Partnership, Inc.       Emerald Green Advisory Group  
  Reach 10,000 +  Members (individuals and organizations) that support the GAPPP Mission.       Establish 100 + prominent GAPPP Experts, Advisors, Endorsers and Research Support Staff to engage in activities related to the GAPPP Mission.  

Green America Public Private Partnership, Inc.
  GAPPP Volunteer Committees       General Activities  
  Membership Committee       P  Membership Development  
  P  Membership Program Services 
  IT Committee       P  IT Operations and Administration  
P  IT Program Delivery of Member Services 
  Green Research Committee       P  Green Industry Sector Research  
P  Green Job Program Research
  Finance Committee       P  Green Finance & Fundraising  
  Management & Administrative Committee       P  Organize and Manage Volunteer Teams   
P  Support HR Activities 
  Green Advisory Group       P  Green Advisors and Experts                  
(By GAPPP Invitation Only)