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Green America Public Private Partnership, Inc.




P.E.R.T.S. and V.E.T.S.**  -  Membership Level

$1.00    ( Charter Members $0.50 )





Membership Benefits





One National Membership; One-Designated Regional Membership; One-Designated State Membership.

Available Number of Memberships:   Unlimited number of Memberships per year.





Charter Membership includes Listing in the P.E.R.T.S. or V.E.T.S. Membership Level Conference Programs as applicable.  Charter Members will receive a 50% discount on Membership Level purchase, with early Membership certification. 

(Charter Member applications must be completed and membership certified)



Membership Service Level Coverage:  Designated Region and Designated State.




Access to WebPages: Limited to Designated Region and Designated State WebPages.





Access to Webinars: Limited to Designated Region and Designated State Webinars.




Full Access to All Designated Region and Designated State E-Mailers: 

E-Blasts, Event Notices and Special Notices.